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Cartoonist not fired

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Although this may not appear to be news at first glance, a Pulitzer winning editorial cartoonist keeping his job is indeed big news in this particular economic climate.

It appeared initially that Matt Davies, cartoonist for the Journal News, had been included in the newsroom’s 25% staffing cut, but the Journal reversed its decision.

Matt told Alan Gardner of The Daily Cartoonist;

I am not going anywhere. My paper looked down the cold and terrible barrel of not having an editorial cartoonist on staff and just couldn’t do it. The paper’s readers owe a big thanks to my editor Henry Freeman who quietly worked to ensure that my position was revived and ultimately kept alive during a particularly bruising round of downsizing in our newsroom. The clear message is that no matter how small a newspaper payroll needs to be in order for a paper to turn a profit, a decent staff cartoonist who connects with the audience is a smart part of that profit strategy. While I am of course personally relieved, my thoughts are with my talented and venerated colleagues who didn’t survive the cuts this week.

Nicaraguan cartoonist Pedro Molina put it quite nicely when he said in the comments;

I’m sorry for Matt, one of the finest cartoonist working today, but I feel more sorry for the newspaper industry, once again trying to save their golden eggs by killing the goose that lays them.

Written by The Department of Illustration

September 1, 2009 at 2:44 pm

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