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When Diamond Speaks, You Listen

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Interesting times to be a comics publisher, from Publishers Weekly.

When Diamond Comics Distributors speaks, comics publishers better listen. DCD is the dominant distributor for the comics shop market, serving about 3000 comics shops around the country that generally buy their inventory on a nonreturnable wholesale basis. But earlier this year, Diamond raised its minimum sales order—comic shops order serials and books in advance through Diamond’s giantPreviews catalog—and if a comic doesn’t reach the new advance minimum sales order, Diamond will not distribute it.

The change sparked an immediate outcry from small comics presses, self-publishers and some retailers, who complained that Diamond’s new minimum forces them out of the marketplace and limits the variety of materials available to the comics shop market. Indeed some comics publishers complain that Diamond’s new benchmarks are shortsighted and would have prevented many works that are now well-known from being published at all.

Written by The Department of Illustration

July 20, 2009 at 2:32 pm

Posted in Comics, Recession

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