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I really love Derf’s work, My friend Dahmer, the story of his childhood friendship with serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer is far more sensitive to the subject matter than it at first appears. It is currently (health allowing) being expanded into a full graphic novel, at which point the original comic will cease to be sold – get it while it’s still about at his site.

I’m really looking forward to ¬†reading Punk Rock and Trailer Parks, a sample of which is available online.

I was shocked to hear that he’d recently had a triple bypass operation. He is now at home recovering;

Three days after the post below, my first day home after emergency open-heart surgery, and I already feel lots better. I can move about the house and studio slowly and am remarkably pain free. My chest doesn’t bother me at all, believe it or not. My left arm, where the surgeons harvested an artery, is the only thing that really hurts. Before the suegery, my wife took a Sharpie marker and wrote ‘NO!!!’ in huge letters on my right arm, my drawing arm. That got lots of comments and chuckles from the docs and nurses at the hospital.

I feel well enough that I plan on doing some work today! Mostly writing. My hand is still real shaky.

Written by The Department of Illustration

July 20, 2009 at 3:51 pm

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